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Our leadership team brings a decade of grant writing and research experience to help your organization identify and build winning proposals. Our team of experts help your organization assess grant readiness, identify appropriate grants, and build competitive proposals. 

Our services

Grant Research

We use multiple grant repositories including local and national funding opportunities. We also maintain our own grants database that allows us to quickly find relevant grants that may fit your needs. We also offer grant subscription services where we consistently help you remain grant aware and apply for the right grants.

Grant Readiness Assessment

We assess the maturity of your organization as part of a proactive grant seeking strategy. If you have already identified a grant proposal, we help assess grant readiness relative to the grant application/request for proposal (RFP).
If we determine you are not grant ready - don't worry! We will help you position your organization and subsequent programs to help you become grant ready!

Grant Writing

We have top quality grant writers who bring over a decade of experience working for big four consulting firms and have secured multi-million dollar proposals. We strive to build compelling grant proposals that accurately represent your organization and meet each funder’s requirements. We also offer grant writing packages where we help your organization write a series of grants consistently throughout the year.
Finally, as part of our grant writing services we also help with:
- Grant template development: Once you are considered grant ready, we help develop a master grant template consisting of core components commonly requested by funders, for example: program plan, budget etc.
- Budget and program development:
We build comprehensive program plans that identify and document goals, program implementation plan, resource requirements/gaps and describes people, process and technology expertise for success. We also develop program budgets and budget narratives that support your program outcomes.
- Grant Review and Editing:
We help provide pre-submission evaluation of client-prepared applications. Based on our feedback, you can increase your odds of receiving funding.

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